Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Walking In High Heels On Campus Is Crazy!!!! Isn't It?

I have always always always thought that girls that wear high heels on campus are absolutely ridiculous!

Who is their right mind would do that?! That's just asking for blisters, walking funny by the end of the day, and it's undoubtedly asking for someone like me to make fun of you in my mind when you walk past me.

I have always been a flip flops or sneakers girl while on campus, I see no reason not to wear something comfortable when you are walking miles a day.

Even if you have a presentation that requires heels I don't know why you wouldn't just carry those 3-inch high stilettos in your purse and then just change into them when needed.

But today I was one of those girls. Yep. It wasn't on purpose believe me.

Today was part one of the career fair. So I of course had to dress up which is something I don't do for school.

Don't get be wrong I do get dressed in the mornings, I do my hair and makeup and all that. But never do I wear dress pants and heels.

Today I did.

Today I almost died.

Today I bet someone who saw me said, "That poor girl, why would she wear heels?"

So all of this seems tragic I know but.... I think I got the best workout I've had in a while standing on those 3-inch high devils struttin' around campus trying to act like my calves, thighs, and littlest pinkie toe didn't hurt.

Maybe those girls know what their doing prancing around in heels, maybe they are just toning those legs. So I say, tone away... tone away. I on the otherhand, will continue living my life in comfort in my way too worn out American Eagle flip flops.

In conclusion, today was painful.