Friday, September 14, 2007

A Whale Tale.

When this topic was suggested to me by Princess Mitzi I wasn't sure where I could really take this post...

I mean their whales, save them.

The End. Right?

But, I decided if that was all I said about them, "save them", would you really want to help out? Probably not. I mean that wouldn't catch my attention. I need things like pretty pictures, sing-a-long songs, and dancing whales on ice to get me involved. (I'm an early childhood education major, everything has to be well.. interactive?) So luckily, I found something that had just that to get me excited about well... umm... saving whales.

My curiosity started to get the best of me so I thought that doing a little research on what "saving the whales" actually meant might clear up a few things.

Prior to I knew nothing about what you do to help out.

Save the Whales, what does that mean? What am I saving a whale from? Are other bigger badder whales bullying up on a little shrimp of a whale? Do I teach him how to do underwater karate or how to put those fins to work and "whale slap" a brother? And when I do "save" him where does he go? Do I bring him to my apartment complex and ask if he can chill in our pool until I can find a better place for him? I mean whales live in pools, Free Whilly did. Do I get one whale or am I saving multiple whale friends? If it's one whale, do I get pictures in the mail monthly like you do when you feed a child from a different country. Because if so, I think I like that. It would be such a good way to get others involved with this whale saving. I mean imagine if you are at lunch with a group of girls and you whip out your newest portrait of Waldo the Whale with his latest herring catch and a big grin on his face. I mean that's gonna catch some attention.

Well, it's a little more complicated than that I have learned. But the good news, you can adopt a whale! :) But nothing as cool as how I thought the adoption worked there's no personalized pictures and unfortunately or maybe it's actually fortunate... he will positively not be living in your swimming pool.

Adoption consists of information on killer whales and what you can do to help. It also costs you $15. A little more expensive than feeding a child, but remember whales are roughly 26, 475 lbs. more than a child. So this is a bargain price.

What else can you do to help save the whales? Simple things. Things you think might have absolutely nothing to do with whales. Like..
- Picking up trash in your neighborhood
- Refrain from releasing balloons outside. Hmm, this is something we always did in elementary school... whoops.
- Keep up on your car maintenance. Simple enough.
- Recycle :)
- Use environmentally friendly products and buy organic. (perfect, I love organic!)

Simple as pie.
If you want to become more knowledgable about whales and saving them you can visit Afterall, I only discussed high points. Oh yeh, you can also visit the site and listen to their rocking whale jam. It's a sing-a-long!!!!! What's it called you ask? Save the Whales of course!

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